How does it stop?

Is there a way?

Make it stop.

My ears are ringing,

My skin is burning,

My eyes can only see the shattered glass,

My nose can only smell you in my old t-shirt,

Does it ever stop?

Is there a way?

I cant keep hiding,

In the dark,

Bring out the sun,

And see me shine,

Even if I’m iron,

With a little rust,

Flash the match,

And see me spark,

Light the fire,

And see me burn.

I’m not alone,

I have my people,

But still, why does it feel like,

Its only me.

It’s okay,

I’ve found a way now,

To make it stop.

The only way is to let go,

Of my thoughts,

My regrets,

My past,

Let go of everything,

Not my life though.

Not just yet.

I wanna grow up,

And take control,

But at the same time,

I wanna be born again,

And lose control.

I don’t know where I’d go,

But if I could run away,

It’d be far from here.

I’d never come back,

Even if I lost all my hope.

This is a land of terror,

And tears,

And trauma.

I dont belong here,

At least I don’t want to.

Where can i go?

Show me the way.

I just wanna be somewhere,

Where it’s just me,

And my voices,

In the silence,

All alone.

Dont take me home,

It is mundane.

I can make my own place,

And my only rope,

To climb the places,

Where I couldn’t find the stairs.

Oh leave me alone,

And don’t take me home,

Take me away,

To any other place you know.

Overseas from here,

Under the white sky,

Where the wind blows.

Just someplace,

That is not a room,

With four walls,

Oh please,

Dont take me home.


Literally nobody:


Love never makes sense,

Neither did she.

She was a dream,

That could only be dreamed.

Her lips like petals,

A shade of nude pink.

I was lost in her world

Again and again

She made it beat,

She made it break,

She made it love,

She made it ache.

My soul was thirsty,

For those eyes.

And even my demons were scared of the goodbyes.

I tried to not fall,

For those strands of hazel.

Your presence made me feel

Like it couldn’t be better.

The stars shyed away,

Seemed to hide,

For they couldn’t shine,

As bright as those crystal eyes.

She was like the deep blue of an ocean,

In which my heart drowned.

When i was tired of not belonging,

They made me feel like I’d been found.

And i hope you’ll never say again,

That your eyes are simply brown.

The way you hold my hand,

The way you cuddle me up,

It feels so warm,

It feels so safe.

When i keep my head on your shoulder,

I feel so calm,

I feel so loved.

The way you kiss me,

I feel so alive,

It’s like i got burned down,

Then came back to life.

I don’t want to let go of this feeling.

I don’t want to let go of you.

Let me hug you as long as i can,

As tight as i can,

And never let you go.

When i needed to look beautiful

When i wanted to be better.

For the people that surrounded me.

They didn’t stop yelling.

From behind me,

I could hear voices

Telling me that I’m not good enough.

Telling me that i was just ugly.

And that makeup couldn’t help me.

I was fat

Or i was healthy.

I was not pretty

Or i was ugly.

They were all just words and descriptions for them,

For me it was a ghost walking with me 24/7.

I needed you.

To tell me that I’m good just the way i am.

That these stretch marks on my arms

Dont define me.

The way i look at the world

Is what makes me,


My heart is beating,

My lungs are breathing,

My brain is thinking.

Its all for you.

Beating for you,

Breathing for you,

Thinking of you.

Do u ever think of me?

Do u ever think about me the way I think of u?

Do u notice the way i laugh when I’m nervous?

Like I notice yours

Do u notice the way i smile when I’m happy?

Like I notice yours

Do u love me like i love you?

Do u hate me like i hate you?

Do u ever think if i think of you?

The Tattooist Of Aushwitz.

Its me

Over here,

Who waits for you,

Every sunday,

I wish to hold you,

To feel your touch,

To kiss you again,

And feel that chocolate melt.

If not all that,

Could I at least catch a glimpse?

Of that pretty face,

Which takes me to paradise.

I wish to save all

But i cant take many.

I’ll take you with me.

Wait, have i even saved myself?

It doesn’t matter,

If it takes my life,

I’ll live the last second,

Saving you,

From this utter mess.

You don’t belong here,

You’re like a red rose

on top of a casket

Let me be the one,

Who you run away with,

Let me be the one,

Who you escape,

From the only dentless heart.

You dont know anything about me,

Neither do I,

But when i walk with you,

You’re all there is to know.

I know i hurt you,

When i pressed the needle,

On your arm

Made you stab,

The same needle on my heart.